Zmaj’ma mlade t-shirt designs

Zmaj’ma Mlade is a huge festival from Postojna, Slovenia.
I had the chance to design this year’s t-shirts and have to say that it was real fun and innovative. Making drawings, scanning them, working on them on the computer and brainstorming about the final product was real fun. I am really happy with the results, even if I am exhibiting the other options too, still I am happy with it.
I’ve got inspired from festival’s previous designs and came up with the idea, that is not out of the main concept of the festival. This year’s main element of the festival was an egg. I didn’t want to make another design, which would be so rude, so I used the tail and the egg as an applicational design, which can be applied to any product, in any form. In this case the tail, that comes out from the egg, is used on the back side of t-shirts, so that the wearer have a tail.